Race Report M2 - Day 3

Day 3 - Result: bumped Christ’s M2

Starting positions: Queens’ M2 - Christ’s M2 - St Catharine’s M2 - Peterhouse M2 - LMBC M3

Clean of the start, comfortably winding up to rate 42, then striding down and settling on 36 through the first corners. On station with Christ’s into Grassy Corner. James called for a push on Plough Reach and we moved on them, to within a boat-length. They fought hard to hold us off, but began to crumble half-way up the Long Reach. We rapidly closed the remaining gap, had overlap and - amidst some confusion about the cox' concession, held it up - narrowly making contact in the process and sealing the bump.

Queens’, we are coming for you.

W3 Mays 2017 - Day 3

Slightly less sunny and windy, but still plenty to be burned by, W3 prepared for a third day of tense rowing. Encouraged by our coach to row every 500 meters as if they were the first, we were told to put all our power down in the race to catch Sidney Sussex II. Knowing that they were on their way down the river gave us a psychological edge as did the lure of the forbidden 'B' word. Having bumped twice in two days we were starting to get a taste for it.

With the usual coming forward on 12, blades in on 8 and smile on 4, we were ready for the start. Again we set off slightly anxiously knowing Clare would be looking for the revenge bump, but hoping Caius would catch them first, we chased down Sidney. Our starts having much improved we set off well and zoomed over the water. Sidney had no chance as we gained water rapidly, and once again under the motorway bridge we had that all important bump. 3 whistles and it was in the bag. Manouvering ourselves to the side of the river we watched as Caius managed to bump Clare, enjoying the May bump spectacle secure in the knowledge that our own bump put us in the best possible position for the final day.

Wish us luck for tomorrow!

W3 Mays 2017 - Day 2

It was another beautiful morning, albeit slightly windy and W3 were raring to go. Buoyed up by the overbump of the first day our energy carried us through our coaches' needless and excessive warm up procedures. (Go to the lock and far too many practice starts on the ergs.) Making it on to the river in good spirits, we were realistic about our chances. Caius had performed far too well for our comfort and so we knew they'd be chasing us down, a sandwich was sure to occur.

Without the delays, we started on time. Enjoying our new higher position on the river we were in for a true bumps experience, a boat behind and a boat ahead we had to keep calm and row smart, not hard.

Lined up perfectly by our cox and boatman the starting gun rang out and we pulled hard, behind us Caius seemed to us to be a little off center but still coming on fast. As we rowed we watched them approach and their whistle came before we heard ours. Under the pressure we didn't falter but used it as encouragement to goad us on. Our burst of speed let us catch Clare and the closer we got, the more it was obvious they were under pressure. Under the motorway bridge we finally caught them! Caius were thwarted and just half a length away.

The carnage we rowed into, because of other bumps, meant there was no way for us to clear the river causing Caius, Jesus and Emma all to pile up behind us. (Oops) The barge 'Georgina' chasing down the rowing only added to the glorious chaos!

Mays Day 3 - W1 (handing over the sandwich)

Day 3 was always going to be a tough race for W1 and as expected the mighty Homerton took our sandwich boat position off us fairly early in the W2 division race. We won't take it personally, Homerton have far more olympians than we do... given that we don't have any. On a positive note, we were a little relieved to give our legs a rest and skip the second row-over today!

Tomorrow, with a good night's sleep behind us we take on King's for round 3 and we're confident we can fend them off yet again, and who knows, maybe take that sandwich boat title back for another year (let's hope not).


Mays 2017: M3 Day 3

After the calm comes the storm: as ever, drama off the water often can be as intriguing as action on the water. Needing to find a sub, we were always going to be up against it today and looking down the charts, we really didn't fancy being chased by a fearsome Ruskin crew tomorrow. Clare Hall M1 weren't going to be easy though, and held us at station for the start. Ruskin M1 quickly dispatched Wolfson M2 in front of us and we focused in on the task at hand, coming within a length round grassy. A big push on Plough reach saw us come within quarter of a length coming round Ditton. However, the quick destruction of yesterday was not in today's script. Three whistles became two as they dug deep and tried to break our spirits. But coming under the railway bridge they hit the wind and we hit them hard. Three whistles, continuous then smashing into their stern half way to Morley's Holt. A cracking result - chasing Hughes Hall M2 tomorrow. Going to be a cracker in the sunshine.

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