Cardinals Regatta

St Catharine’s College Boat Club is delighted to announce the 2020 Catz Cardinals Regatta on Thursday 12th March, promising to be the most fun and ridiculous race of the year! The races will start at 10:00am and finish around 4:30pm (provisional times depending on the number of entries).


The boats will be a mix of Eights, Fours and Tubs, with prizes for the best dressed boats and crews! Boats should aim to be mixed crews, in terms of both gender and rowing ability, as far as possible.


Sign up form here:


The finals and semi-finals will be as exciting and strange as always with duel style races. Crews will race away from each other before being forced to spin as fast as possible before charging back towards each other to the middle of the reach.


Catz Cardinals is the only race on the river in which you can enter tub pairs! To make this year’s edition a success in all categories, make sure you encourage as many fellow rowers as possible to start thinking about entering.


The initial deadline for entries is the 9th March 2020. 


We look forward to receiving your entries! Get excited! 

The 2020 Catz Cardinals Race Committee

Rory Cockshaw (rc794)

Max Luedecke (fmchl2)

Steffen Dreher (sd866)