Catz Cardinals 2015

Thursday 12th March - Click above for more information

Lent Bumps 2015

Lent Bumps starts on Wednesday 25rd February and we have 4 Catz crews participating. M1 and W1 are racing in the respective first divisions, M2 are starting as head of the men's third division, (so will hopefully also be rowing in the men's second division) and W2 are racing in the women's third/men's fourth division. Hover over a result to see if a race report is available. Click on the crew name to see its members.

  Division Day 1 (Wed) Day 2 (Thu) Day 3 (Fri) Day 4 (Sat)
M1 M1
Bumped by
Peterhouse I
Bumped by
Kings I
Bumped by
Robinson I
Bumped by
Girton I 
W1 W1
Bumped by
Queens I
Bumped by
Newnham I
Bumped by
Murray Edwards I
Bumped by
Pembroke I
M2 M2
Row-Over - - -
Row-Over Bumped by
Emmanuel II
Bumped by
Clare II
Bumped by
Churchill II
W2 W3/M4
Bumped by
Murray Edwards III
Bump on
Murray Edwards III
Row-Over Bumped by
Darwin II

For information on where to watch the bumps from see 
here. Division times are here.
Follow the action on the radio at and see official results here

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Cardinals Regatta 2015

To all boaties everywhere
(within the university anyway…),

Now that Bumps are over, we can all look forward to even more stellar shows of sporting brilliance in the form of Catz Cardinals. St. Catharine’s College Boat Club is proud to announce it will be hosting its annual regatta on Thursday 12th March 2015.

Provided you’ve noviced, all rowers and coxes alike are welcome to take part in this regatta. Fancy dress and mixed crews are essential (although cross-dressing and various other adjustments will as ever allow you to circumvent this rule), and edible bribing is strongly encouraged.

The categories this year will be:

  • Mixed VIIIs
  • Mixed IVs
  • Mixed Tubs (if sufficient interest is expressed)

There will be additional rewards for the best dressed crew/s (one of last year’s entries modelled their tub as a pirate ship – no pressure or anything!)

The final will be as demanding a test of fitness as ever, with both crews racing down the river from opposite ends, spinning, and sprinting to the finish line in the middle of the reach.

After a day’s hardcore rowing, everyone will be welcomed into the Catz bar for prizes, fire engines and general after-partying at 9.30pm.

Entries are now open! Download the form below and send it in before midnight at the end of Sunday 8th March! 4+s and Tubs will likely be held earlier in the day and 8+s later in the day.

The Catz Cardinals Secretaries
Joe Cooper 
Julia Nowicka
Amaara Dudhia
Stuart Knowles

Lent Bumps 2015: M2 Day Four

As it turns out, Churchill were even faster than Clare.

We had another pretty reasonable start, and had a great push around first post, but going down the gut, Churchill inched nearer and nearer. Our kill bought us a few seconds, but their higher power output meant our fate was sealed as we headed around grassy.

Tash did a great job coxing under tough conditions yet again, and she held off the concession as long as was feasible, but soon contact was made and we were left to pull in. Credit to the very fast Churchill crew, it was a great effort.

I have really enjoyed captaining M2 this term, and we are all looking forward to training over Easter, and coming back even stronger for Mays. Also, shout out to our fantastic coach, Simon Wright, for which this is his last full term in Cambridge. We wish him all the best.

Till Mays! #ForTheWheel

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