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Small Boats Regatta 2015

SCCBC entered 5 events in the SBR this year. Due to a shortage of marshalls, all races were run side-by-side over a 500m course on the reach.

Men's captain-elect Will Norman (M1 Lents 2015) raced in the Peter Brandt (Men's Novice) Sculls: having only learnt to row in October, and not been in a scull before January, he battled hard but was ultimately well beaten by a significantly more experienced sculler from FaT. Sarah Lucas (Women's Captain 2013-14, CUWBC Lightweights 2014-15) was declared the winner of the Delafield (Women's Elite) Sculls by virtue of being the only entrant, before teaming up with a fellow trialist from Fitz to race in the Women's Double Sculls. The straight final against Caius was possibly one of the closest races of the day, with Caius half a length up at the finish.

I had entered the Fairbairn Junior Sculls for the second year running: having had my opponent scratch on the morning of the regatta, I found myself with a bye into the semi-finals. I was a canvas up after the first five strokes, but never properly settled and found my opponent rowing through me, winning by roughly a length of clear water. Sarah and I then teamed up for the Mixed Doubles - again a scratching opposition (apparently one of them was still at Caversham for the GB trials) meant we had a bye into the semi-finals. Our first race was a fairly relaxed row against Selwyn, with Catz 3 lengths up at the finish. We knew we would have to race much harder to win the final against a very experienced Magdalene/Caius brother-and-sister pairing, and desite our best efforts, their height and wieght advantage prevailed.

Congratulations to all those who raced today, and many thanks to the umpires and marshalls for ensuring the event could run. Hopefully Catz can build on today's results, and maintain our position as one of the top "Small Boats" colleges. FTW!

Lent Term Newsletter

You can check out the latest SCCBC newsletter, including all the details from Lent Term, here:


Lent Bumps 2015: M2 Day Four

As it turns out, Churchill were even faster than Clare.

We had another pretty reasonable start, and had a great push around first post, but going down the gut, Churchill inched nearer and nearer. Our kill bought us a few seconds, but their higher power output meant our fate was sealed as we headed around grassy.

Tash did a great job coxing under tough conditions yet again, and she held off the concession as long as was feasible, but soon contact was made and we were left to pull in. Credit to the very fast Churchill crew, it was a great effort.

I have really enjoyed captaining M2 this term, and we are all looking forward to training over Easter, and coming back even stronger for Mays. Also, shout out to our fantastic coach, Simon Wright, for which this is his last full term in Cambridge. We wish him all the best.

Till Mays! #ForTheWheel

Lent Bumps 2015: W2 Day Four

Alas, it wasn't to be. It was windy and we didn't fancy the rowover so we thought we'd sprint off the line and see if we could get Murray Edwards on First Post Reach (after all, everything seems to happen on First Post Reach these days). Unfortunately the dent we made on Murray Edwards wasn't close to the dent Darwin made on us, and they got us (on First Post Reach). The Darwin crew were strong; I think they would have bladed had we not escaped them on day 2.

All in all it's been a good term for W2. Getting on was an achievement in itself and winning the club's only bump this week was nice. In the lowest divisions it is very hard to gain any momentum due to the number of chaotic variables (crabs, gates coming undone, seats coming off...). W2 should be very proud of themselves, particularly those (the majority) who have only been rowing a matter of months. I look forward to W2's triumphant return next term in the Mays!

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