The Wheel Keeps Turning: A History of SCCBC

This history of the boat club is complied from a booklet prepared for the 175th Anniversary Dinner in 2008 by Lilly Joiner. "Contained with in are some snippets of the life of SCCBC: some are very personal accounts, some a broader overview of the club and its achievements, which I hope will be interesting and stir up some memories in all those present. Any errors or missing elements are entirely my fault: I can only plead finals, and beg your indulgence. I hope that there will be opportunities in the future to expand the information we have, and that it can be made more publically available on the boat club website. The Boat Club has had a profound effect on my time as an undergraduate, and having had the opportunity to speak to many alumni, it seems I am not alone. Rowing stretches us in many ways, physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally, and helps us to recognise and then break our boundaries. The teamwork and camaraderie are never forgotten: in a world where academic achievement is increasingly the sole benchmark of excellence, the ladies and gentlemen of SCCBC consistently prove that it is possible to have a work hard, train hard and play hard, without performance in any of those areas suffering. Please enjoy this evening, and I hope that I am able to speak to as many of you as possible who have made such an effort to be here this evening in support of SCCBC. For the Wheel!" Lilly Joiner Captain of Boats 07/08