COVID 19 Policy


 In the current environment, some parts of ‘normal behaviours at SCCBC will have to be changed in order to protect members of our small community. We recognise that some of the changes may be frustrating, but it is imperative that the below guidance be followed.

 The following changes have been produced on current guidelines (as of 04/09/2020) and are subject to change depending on government, university and British rowing guidelines.

 General Guidance:

 Opt in Culture: as always we want SCCBC to be a culture in inclusivity and trust, meaning that no one should be asked to do more than they want. If you are feeling pressured to do something that you do not wish to do for any reason please contact Carmen, the Head Coach, or John and Charlie, the Captains, so we can make sure such behaviour is brought to halt.

  • The single exception to this rule is races. We recognise that some people only wish to row recreationally, and we run lower boats that go out to have fun and get some exercise. Generally, our higher boats will be working towards some big races, namely Bumps. When placed in a higher boat, we will not demand that you race, but we do ask that you tell us if you are unable to row or feel unsafe/ uncomfortable doing so, preferably with as much noticed as possible 

Booking System:

 SCCBC have been using spreadsheets to book erg timings in past years, this will continue to be the case except for there being limited equipment and strict time slots.

 We ask that rowers are rigorous in following the booking procedure and make any changes clear on the spreadsheet. This is so that we can track who has been in the boathouse at what times, which may become necessary in the event of a local breakout.

Following COVID Policy:

 These are policy changes, people are bound to slip up and make mistakes – there is small allowance for human error. However, if you see someone making such a mistake or see actions that do not align with the new policy in place please politely mention it. If you do not feel comfortable speaking out, please do reach out to Carmen and she will address the situation and pass on your observations / concerns anonymously.

Risk Assessment:

 All new and returning rowers will be asked to watch a short video and will be signed off when they have. This video will out-lines and show how to follow the COVID rules.

Off Water Training:

 Boathouse Availability – Following advice from the College and British Rowing, some changes will be in effect in the boathouse, until further guidance:

 Crew ergs will not happen (see below). We do recommend that you find an erg buddy or two in order to keep up enjoyment and motivation
 Only 4 of the 8 ergs can be used, in order to facilitate safe social distancing.

  • Ergs will be set to face the windows
  • The changing rooms are out of bounds. We ask that you arrive in the gear you will be rowing in and must take all of your belonging with you when you leave (not clothes to be left at the boathouse)
  • The toilets outside of the changing rooms will be accessible
  •  To prevent mingling and cross contaminations there will be a 15mins time gap between every session. We ask that in this time you disinfect the equipment with the wipes etc provided and leave the boathouse. (Socialising outside the boathouse, distanced on the hard is encouraged - in groups no bigger than 6 (updated as of 11/09/2020)
  • Be mindful of ventilation in the upper room. We highly encourage you to open windows when erging
  • Please do not pass other on the balcony or stairs. Wait at the bottom or top and until others have passed through and it is therefore safe


  • Circuits will be unavailable in the form they were last year
  • We will however be running zoom sessions two evenings a week. These can be done anywhere and enable a form of circuit fitness to continue in a safe manner.
  • In the case of a strict lockdown in Cambridge these will be the primary sessions for maintaining fitness. There are no expectations for you to attend, and you are fully welcome to join without video and/ or audio should you wish. These sessions are done at your own level.
  • There is a possibility of running circuits outside where social distancing can be maintained. This will be looked into as an option but highly unlikely in poor weather and winter months due to temperatures and lighting (both impacting safety)

On Water training:

 Warm ups: with only 4 ergs available warm ups will not consist of group exercise and possibly bridge runs

Moving Boats:

 The boats will be moved by 6-8 people, observing social distancing.

Washing Boats:

 All equipment must be washed before and after every outing. We recognise that this takes times and will endeavour to make time for these activities. Boats will no longer be rubbed down with towels, but Instead washed with soap and a hose on trestles.

Crews and Boats:

 We will try to prevent movement in crews as much as possible. Obviously, subs will still ne required, and the support between crews is part of what makes rowing at Catz so enjoyable. We will likely be setting crews earlier than usual. Also, we will avoid where possible the sharing of boats and/or blades.

Crew Bubbles:

 If a member of a crew tests positive for coronavirus, the rowers, cox and coach of that crew will be required to self-isolate as per college guidelines and preferably get tested.


 Each cox will be assigned a coxbox, and it must be cleaned after every outing. They will be numbered, along with the lifejackets – once you are assigned a number it is your responsibility to charge, clean and look after the equipment. You cannot share.


 We permit (and actively encourage) any sort of socialising between members of the boat club that align with College and government guidelines. More official boat club socials will be carefully looked at so as to keep everyone present as safe as possible. Obviously, socials are voluntary and you are never expected to attend (although welcomed if you are).