Clare Novice Regatta - Day 1

The sun was shining on a cold November afternoon, ready for the first river race of Michaelmas term for the novice women. Warm up complete, NW2 were ready to make their debut. A strong and steady row down to the marshalling point settled the nerves. 
Round 1: Catz vs. Clare. On the whistle NW2 soared ahead, leaving Clare fumbling at the start line. Down the reach they sped, maintaining a strong rate 30. With Clare disappearing into the distance Catz kept the power down driving towards the railway bridge. It looked powerful. We were set to win by some distance. Then…a crab hit. The blade got caught in the rigger and it couldn't be recovered. Then...another crab. The boat stopped dead. Clare moved past, but Catz quickly reset. Refocused, they picked up the pace and gained distance back on Clare, who were now meters from the finish line. Unfortunately there was too much distance and Catz narrowly missed a heroic comeback.
Despite not getting the result we hoped for, the girls rowed to the highest level we have seen this term. Every single person should be proud of their performance today. We can certainly look toward next Thursday with confidence that we will see some very strong rowing. 
Fairbairns; there’s a storm coming, and it’s looking like beautiful shades of claret and rose.