Day 2, Lent Bumps 2017: M2

We were greeted by much warmer, drier weather today. Down our trusty coach, we had some old stooges to keep up our spirits at the P&E. Some technical issues meant that James’ usual sultry tones over the cox box were reduced to static, deciding that in the absence of clear calls it could only mean ‘row harder’. Being chased by Maggie off the line we were pulling away as Magdalene drew them in and bumped them in the gut, exacting revenge from the previous day. We stayed on station with Hughes much of the way, Pembroke having bumped back against Emma by Ditton, but couldn’t draw them in any closer over the still-gusty Reach. Buoyed by cheers from W1 from the bank coming up to the P&E, our rowing mysteriously tidied up and we finished off the row over. Bring on day 3.