Day 2 M1

Looking at various videos, we realised that we had got pretty lucky yesterday. While we had the speed to catch Caius, they were terribly close to LMBC before we got out act together. Today was going to be different.

Aiming to stride out lower than the previous day we started cleaner and sat up well in the wash, lengthening to 38 the distance fell rapidly and going into first post there was less than a canvas separating us from them. Alex's line had bowside scared as we brushed aside the grass hanging over the concrete, inch perfect we continued to move up despite struggling with the bounce on the bend. Hitting the exit we went in for the kill and LMBC conceded just a few strokes into the final push.

A better row but still with room for improvement, fantastic photos of the actual bump will come online shortly. Unfortunately the resident dunce at bow forgot to switch on the camera so we can't offer video evidence.