Lent Bumps 2013, M3 Day 1

Bumped FaT M4

After a strong performance in the getting on race the crew were unfortunate to find themselves starting 16th in the division, although they cheered up somewhat on discovering M4 crews on either side. Concentration wasn't helped by an anarchic push-off from Churchill behind (since fined the cost of a new stopwatch for late pushing off) but full credit to Catz who, treating Churchill with the contempt they fully deserved, got off to an excellent start. 

FaT ahead also had a decent start, but with the crews ahead bumping out, they were steadily ground down (really pretty quickly actually) by a relentless Catz crew who had found a solid rhythm and never looked like letting up. With the first whistle (we forgot to take the whistle, it was really just a slightly louder shout) coming at the motorway bridge, the bump followed as surely as  laughter follows Murray Edwards, just before first post corner. 

A great result, given that 7 members of the crew had never raced bumps before, and the other was David Edey. Bring on Magdalene tomorrow.