Lents 2011 - M2 Day 3

Rowed Over

So close, but in the wrong way today. After Fitz II's capitulation on Wednesday, we were left chasing a Hughes Hall crew who were up 7. With Trinity Hall likely to bump out Jesus ahead, we were pretty sure we'd have the whole course to make the bump.

The start was somewhat more assured than previously, the calm conditions meaning that we were perfectly positioned and level. We moved solidly down first post reach, getting to within a length at First Post corner and closing to half a length at Grassy. As we rounded Ditton, we moved closer and closer, but the extended row at a rate of 35 was starting to take its toll. We edged to overlap by the railings and decided to go for it. However, at precisely this moment Trinity Hall overbumped Robinson (due to some odd Kings steering, Jesus bumped out in 10 strokes) and left their stern in the middle of the reach, meaning Lara had to go on full rudder to avoid them. This killed our balance and boat speed on the sprint, and we burned out without making the boat move any faster. Whilst we tried our guts out to reel them back in, we were clearly spent and Hughes rowed off into the distance.

Unfortunately Hughes will be chasing Robinson II (down 7) tomorrow, so we more than likely won't get a chance to rectify our error. A strong rowover will be the aim, denying Caius III their blades in the process.