M1 Lent 2020 - Day 4

M1 Lent 2020

Today was the day. With a fast Magdalene behind us and a confident Kings ahead, we only had one option - fly or die. The plan was simple, to execute 3 minutes of madness and power. We hoped that Kings would be complacent having bumped us the day before, giving us the element of surprise. Rowing up to the start we were nervous but also excited. The prospect of unleashing hell for a fast bump was liberating - we knew it would all be over by grassy corner either way. As the starting gun fired, we executed our most powerful (although not most beautiful) start. Within what felt like seconds we were rowing in Kings wash and Stephen called for the kill! None of us could quite believe how well our plan seemed to be working. Carmen was blowing the whistle, and we really thought we were going to catch Kings. However, Magdalene were also catching up fast, and the situation quickly turned into a tight sandwich between us all. Despite our best efforts, we didn’t manage to catch Kings and Magdalene took the bump. Having said that, we really were 5 strokes away from catching Kings and it was a performance we were all proud of. Despite the bumps this week, we came away feeling positive. We managed to take the fight to three fast crews and went down with pride that we had given it our all.