M1 Mays 2019 - Day 2

M1 Mays 2019
Despite yesterdays blow, there was much optimism within M1 about the possibility of a double overbump to sandwich boat today. The emotional heart of the crew, the late C. Eddy, correctly pointed out we needed to first set the platform of a row over. A feat only managed once in 4 years by the mighty Catz M1. Starting from within the raging outflow, we initially opened out on the chasing Fitz. However through the corners we lost speed avoiding clearing crews and we were reeled in to 1/2 length. Yet Geoff called us to push on together and we held firm down plough reach. Around grassy we hit the strong headwind, yet the inspiring thoughts of turning the week around held our nerve. 
Down the reach a glorious battle unfolded: Fitz desperately closing for the bump until we found new reserves of mental and physical strength. At one point overlap was whistled for by an optimistic Fitz coach. Having cursed every hard erg Carmen set we were now thankful for the fitness they brought. Through the railway bridge we stepped on for a final time, W1 raising the roof with the loudest support ever heard. Finally at the P&E Fitz broke and we opened out 1/2 length by the top finish. Having passed over the finish line, exhausted, we knew that we can turn this week around. Onto tomorrow chasing a slow Homerton boat, whilst holding off a no doubt frustrated Fitz