M2 Lent 2020 - Day 1

M2 Lent 2020

After inauspicious, and slightly soggy (ok, very soggy) beginnings on the morning of Day 1 of Lents, ahem, Catz M2 proved their metal with a determined display in challenging conditions. Sandwiched between Magdalene II and Tit Hall II, we got off to a good start, with Max in stroke setting us a rapid pace, but one that was nonetheless held well by the crew, moving through the strokes in tight unison. Approaching the first corner, we were holding our ground; unable to gain on Magdalene, but managing to keep Tit Hall at bay. Having bumped Christ’s at the corner, Magdalene failed to clear, blocking our path. As the race was held up and other crews having bumped or deemed to have technically rowed-over, the heavens proceeded to open. With Catz, Tit Hall, and Robinson being the sole crews to re-row, our chances to bump had gone. But the work was far from over, with us still needing to row-over and see off Tit Hall. As the cannon sounded and we gritted our teeth and pushed off from the bank, the clouds begin to clear. Starting strong again, we quickly put distance between ourselves and Tit Hall. As our advantage grew, Robinson closed on Tit Hall and got their bump. With our job done and the sun shining, we enjoyed a gentle paddle back to the boat house. All in all a promising start to the campaign.

- Lowell Lloyd