M2 Lent 2020 - Day 2

M2 Lent 2020

We started today’s race with confidence after the strong row-over on day 1. From the start we were again very quick and about thirty seconds into the race we heard Carmen blow her whistle for the first time, meaning we were within one boat length of Christ’s II. In stroke-seat, I had been wondering why Maya, our cox, did not give us a rhythm call. She saw that we were catching up to Christ’s so quickly, that she did not want to lower our rate, as it would likely be a short race. At this point we suffered an unfortunate turn of events: Eli’s seat popped off his slider, and he was constrained to using only his upper body and arms. Although he never stopped rowing, the loss of power was too severe. Robinson II steadily advanced on us, until finally getting the bump. Despite an unlucky second day, we remain optimistic, knowing how close we came to bumping Christ’s. 

- Max Luedecke