M2 Mays 2019 - Day 2

M2 Mays 2019

Having been bumped by a rapid Magdalene M2 on the first day, Catz M2 were keen to get back into our stride, chasing Magdalene and with Trinity Hall racing behind us. We started on station six, right next to the bridge, cannon and outflow. We pushed off twenty seconds before the start cannon, and were unlucky to have our bows caught by the outflow, causing Stephen to drop the bung. Despite the mishap we got off to an excellent start, with a solid rhythm call.

Coming up to first post corner, we passed three boats pulled into the towpath: Magdalene had been at canvas with Robinson as they had bumped Christ's, so they were awarded a technical row over. Our crew sped past, realising that neither a bump or an overbump were any longer on the cards, and with Trinity hall on station behind us. As we came up to Ditton, their bank party began making very optimistic whistles they made a push and closed the gap to just under a length, but as we entered the reach, we began to pull away, taking back two lengths by the time Trinity Hall began to wind down by the marshalling zone.

Catz M2 produced a quality row over and we're raring to go for tomorrow!

- David Evans