M3 Lents 2016: Day One

The tension was palpable on the row down to station 11, it was all of stroke side’s first ever set of bumps. We had guest cox Joe Cooper there to keep the nerves under control – thanks Joe! We were chasing Emma M3 who looked a lot further away on station than Caius M3 did behind us. We had a solid start, and we chipped away at Emma from the get go, Caius quickly faded to the background. We failed to stride, but we were gaining on Emma, so it was tough to let up! The whistles were blowing, and a boat’s stern was visible in the periphery, but unfortunately Emma had caught Tit Hall before we managed to closed the gap. There was carnage up ahead so we were left with no choice but to pull over and accept a technical row over. Still, no spoons at least!