M3 Lents 2016: Day Two

We were denied a bump yesterday, and any nervousness was gone. Our regular cox Anna back in the driving seat, M3 was hungry for a bump, and Trinity Hall was in our crosshairs. We rocketed off the start, winding it up to rate 47, lengthening out each stroke as one whistle blared. Two whistles cut through the air as we came up to the motorway bridge. We made a stride down to 38 under the bridge, within seconds we heard three whistles. Coming away from the bridge we were at their stern, 3 seconds later past their cox. Like many first times, this first bump happened much quicker than expected, but it felt great! For stroke side in particular it was a glorious feeling of achievement to get that first ever bump. We rowed home with foliage displayed proudly, ready to hit Maggie hard tomorrow.