May Bumps 2014 M4 Day 4

Today, finally, we bumped! Our start was far from perfect as nerves mixed with fatigue caused by yesterday’s heroics meant we didn’t get composed start we usually produce. Yet despite this, we soon gained on Homerton, getting a quick bump by second station (we started at 15). This, as I mentioned yesterday, was our reward for a great fight back the day before. Indulging in the bizarre custom of putting bits of foliage in our hair – no one has explained why crews do this – we cruised back to the boathouse to the applause of a swelling crowd. We perhaps didn’t get the results across the four days we deserved, but it was great to go out on the up. Thanks for everyone involved in the M4, especially our coaches, Simon Wright and Alistair Nelson, and the captains, Chris Eddy and Chris Quarton. FTW.