Pugwash Mays day 2 - Involving Cindies and Costumes

Since the last report, much stuff happened. Some of it was rowing related. 

Yesterday we saw the raw power of the beer boat fail us. Tragic though it was, we weren't ready to give up just yet, we just needed other tactics. Learning to row properly was suggested, but summarily dismissed. Alternatives were tabled, and two were attempted.

The first suggestion is adapted from a traditional Viking ploy, where a rival clan was invited for a meal, given free beer, then murdered once they pass out. Murdering was a tad extreme and tends to raise objections, so we opted to bump them instead. Plans were made, a bbq was prepared, the plan backfired. Next thing we know, the Pugwash crew was in Cindies with only 3 Pemgibeers in tow (a crew 7 stations ahead of us). Turns out Div 5 boats are exceedingly dull. 

The second plan was to use stash to cause confusion in the surrounding boats. This was marginally more successful, with at least two recorded instances of people on the bank asking why there was a boat of university hockey players rowing past. The flaw with the plan was that the boat chasing us never actually sees what we are wearing.

The second plan, to confuse surrounding crews with strange dress codes, seems to have worked.

A cannon went off, and we did some rowing. The dull Clare boat behind us did better rowing, and caught up with us. Fearing for our new rudder that Steve had managed to install this morning, we conceded. We hadn't lost any ground to the Corpus boat that "bumped" us yesterday so clear signs of improvement.

It was back to the figurative drawing board for the Pugwash crew. Tonight we'll focus on improving leg strength by going between floors at Lolas, and come up with some more cunning plans to get that elusive bump. Tune in tomorrow for the result.