Pugwash Mays day 4 - A Bump Occurred!

Unfornately we were on the recieving end. Click for the rest of the story, it's really interesting. 

Hawks Event and Robinson's May Ball last night (as well as Life for Hanesh) meant a depleted crew, both in numbers and fitness. Whilst I sat in Tatties at 9:30am, feeling rather sorry for myself, I desperately sent out messages to try and find the 8th crew member for today. At various points through my Traditional Breakfast it was swinging between a novice woman and a Pembroke alumnus. Fortunately Fin Allen, an experienced beer boater, was back from holiday and so was able to sub in last minute. Crisis was averted, and the boat was able to set sail. 

The final refinement to the dress code chaos plan was implemented, with help from Chod's better half Ethan. The crew rowed dressed as close as we could possibly make ourselves to Clare, who we were chasing. This had little effect on the race. 

A cannon went off, some rowing occurred. We went around a corner for the first time this bumps campaign, which put us off a bit and then we had to stop because there was the typical Div 5 carnage ahead of us. Peterhouse didn't stop, and rowed into us which wasn't very nice of them. Hannah did a fantastic stunt where she jumped out of her seat over a rampant Peterhouse blade, it was literally like something out the Matrix. 

Coach Stuart again saw a huge improvement. This time alcohol was credited, with still-drunk Swoods rowing better than ever. We believe this is an important discovery that should be implemented at higher level boats, though further research is needed to remove the urge to throw up on every stroke. 

Sorry the report is short in content and chat, I don't want to be late to the pub before BCD. See you all in spoons.