Race Report M2 - Day 1

Day 1 - Result: bumped Emmanuel M2

Starting positions: Peterhouse M2 - Emmanuel M2 - St Catharine's M2 - Trinity Hall M2 - LMBC M3.

Strong off the start, we settled into a solid, if tense rate 36 after James’ rhythm call. Trinity Hall worked hard to come within three-quarters of a boat length in Grassy corner, but they lacked the pace to pose a real threat. Emmanuel M2 held their distance ahead. Coming out of Ditton corner, we stepped down into a powerful, more efficient rate 34, and walked away from Trinity Hall, as they were challenged by LMBC M3 and bumped out half-way down the Reach. Spurred on by this sight, we began grinding down Emma M2 ahead. Following race strategy, we made a push under the railway bridge and ruthlessly closed in on them, as a term of Ivan’s brutal ergs paid off. After another 200m, we bumped Emma at the P&E, wrapping up a herculean row.

Chasing Peterhouse M2 tomorrow. Bring it on.