Race Report M2 - Day 2

Day 2 - Result: bumped Peterhouse M2

Starting positions: Christ’s M2 - Peterhouse M2 - St Catharine's M2 - Emmanuel M2 - LMBC M3

After tackling Emmanuel M2 yesterday, we had our eyes on Peterhouse M2. We made a clean start and settled into a solid rhythm at rate 34, facing strong gusts by Grassy corner. Behind us, Emmanuel M2 went all out, but came no closer than a boat-length, though they kept us working hard. Defying strong headwinds on Plough Reach, we began to gain on Peterhouse, going quickly from one, to two, then three whistles - and forcing them to concede as we come out of Ditton Corner. On to tomorrow, with Christ's ahead.