W1 Lents 2016: Day One

For over half the crew this was their first bumps; cannons, whistles and carnage – not what you find in a normal rowing regatta. With Churchill being fairly inclusive this term, it was hard to gauge the competition that was chasing us on day one. Added to that, the start of the division was paused due to some drama from the LMBC W1, only increasing nerves. After the finally cannon went off there was no hiding the sheer power from the Churchill crew, who gained their first whistle right after the start; not good. With some determination, we began to pull away, and for a moment I believed it would be a re-enactment of Queen’s-vs-Catz-Lent-bumps-2014-row-over. Alas, for Churchill, this pulling away only made them hungrier, and just before first post we were bumped; before the adrenaline had even a chance to fade. Not the best start – but well deserved for Churchill… Revenge bump? TBC