W2 - May Bumps 2016 - Day 1

W2 was up early this morning for some last-minute bung starts practice, before returning to college to sleep off the after-effects of yesterday's exam-finishing celebrations. 

We regrouped after lunch, with a row down to the start that was together, if a little nervy. Starting on station 12, our start was good, settling into an aggressive rhythm. St Edmunds W1, staring behind us, gained slightly off the start but we held them at a length for most of First Post reach. However, their training during evening hours had paid off, and their superior technique began to tell. We were bumped on first post corner.

Tomorrow we are being chased by Girton W2, while St Edmunds are chasing Selwyn W2. If we can hold Girton away then we can look forward to day three with expectation.