W2 - May Bumps 2016 - Day 3

On day three of this year's Mays campaign W2 started characteristically lively and positive. Having shaken off the nerves of day one and after a strong row over yesterday we were hungry for a bump - “Selwyn for dinner!” The race plan was much the same as yesterday - we would row no harder than day one, and as smart as day two. Pressure from Pembroke behind was always going to be strong as they were up-2, but we were chasing a down-2 Selwyn, and their colluding made us even more determined - we were hopeful for a quick bump. All our hard work paid off, we pushed hard and bumped about halfway along first post reach - the first Catz bump of Mays 2016!

Tomorrow we are being chased by Selwyn and once again, chasing Jesus.