W2 Mays 2019 - Day 1

W2 Mays 2019

After over an hour in torrential rain, the last thing that w2 wanted was a rerow, but due to a couple of slow clearing crews ahead of us, followed by an unfortunate incident involving our bow and Eddies’ stern becoming, shall we say, connected, we had to head back to the motorway bridge to race again. As Eddies had caught us in Lents after an unlucky crab on day 3, and a fast Downing crew had denied us our chance at a revenge bump, we were keen to have a good row and try to get Catz our first bump of the day! A solid start saw us making ground on Eddies, with whistles being blown throughout the race. A couple of good corners coming up to the reach saw us gain another half a length on them! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, and Charlie ‘No kill calls’ Lamb calling a truly ungodly number of “Power 10s” and “Kill 10s”, we didn’t manage to close that final half a length, and so the bump eluded us. Nevertheless, a strong rowover leaves us in the perfect position to bump them tomorrow!

- Anousa Parkin