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Mays 2011 M1 Day 1

Bumped LMBC

After a strong start, the whistles came as we approached First Post Corner, and we caught LMBC around Grassy Corner.  Bring on day 2!

Mays 2011 - W2 Day 1

Bumped St Edmund's

Mays 2011 - W1 Day 1

Bumped Girton

We got foliage!

After the disappointing result in Lents we have seen massive changes within the W1 squad with a new coach, Siggi Martinsson, bringing a fresh approach to both our water and land sessions. The whole women’s club enjoyed circuit sessions on Jesus green, whilst the W1 boat were introduced to 6 km, lock to lock pieces – certainly felt like we were being whipped into shape!

Mays 2011 - M2 Day 1

Bumped FaT III

After having lost 14 places over the last 4 years, M2 were determined to bring this run to an end. The row down to the start was sloppy, but what was more worrying was that First and Third, who had been rowing up immediately behind us, never appeared around Grassy corner. It turns out that Caius couldn't wait for a potential headship push later in the week to bump a FaT crew, and so ploughed into them doing a practice start, snapping their strokeman's blade and breaking the rudder.

Lents 2011 - M2 Day 4

Rowed Over

The aim for today was simple. Row over, and deny Caius III their blades on what could turn out to be a very successful day for their club. Unfortunately, the practice starts suggested that this could be a tough order, coupled with the fact that they were fresh from three easy bumps, whereas we had drained ourselves almost bumping Hughes Hall yesterday.

Lents 2011 - M2 Day 3

Rowed Over

So close, but in the wrong way today. After Fitz II's capitulation on Wednesday, we were left chasing a Hughes Hall crew who were up 7. With Trinity Hall likely to bump out Jesus ahead, we were pretty sure we'd have the whole course to make the bump.

Lents 2011 - M2 Day 2


Wow. That was close.

We knew that we could bump LMBC, without their gents to help them. The question was whether we could do it before that terrible Fitz II boat succumbed to them. On marshalling, we joked to the Fitz guys that they had to give us 2 minutes. Turns out they couldn't even manage that.

Lents 2011 - M2 Day 1

Bumped Girton II

An air of uncertainty surrounded the first day of bumps this year, not having seen very much of Girton II (ahead of us) or Addenbrookes (behind us) at all on the river. We had a long time to contemplate as we sat at Chesterton for an age as the M4 division was re-rowed, followed by W3.

Pembroke Regatta 2011

M2 matched last year's performance against a series of strong crews, winning the first two races before losing to eventual champions Caius M2 in the quarter-finals.

For the first time this term, we'd managed to put out the full racing crew, and so were looking for a strong performance to indicate our intentions for bumps. However, the weather decided not to cooperate with the idea of sitting on the river for an all-day regatta, and hence various types of waterproofing, from ponchos to space blankets, had to be used.

Robinson Head 2011

5/11 in M2 category - 9:44

A very wet afternoon greeted the crew upon arrival at the boathouse, with just the one sub for the race - Dr Scales had to write a paper instead of racing on a Friday afternoon, and hence Ryan jumped in the boat. The row to the start was, as is now normal, not fantastic, but I was confident that we'd pick it up on the way back.