May Bumps 2016 Overview

May Bumps 2016 starts on Wednesday 8th June. We have five Catz crews participating.

Hover over a result to see if a race report is available. Click on the crew name to see its members.

  Division* Day 1 (Wed) Day 2 (Thu) Day 3 (Fri) Day 4 (Sat)
M1 M1
 Bumped By 
Emmanuel I
Bumped By
Selwyn I
Bumped By
Magdalene I
 Bumped By
Churchill I 
W1 W1
 Bumped By
Magdalene I
Row Over  Bumped By
Fitzwilliam I 
Kings I
M2 M3
Bumped By Peterhouse II  Row Over  Bumped
Lady Margaret III
 Row Over
W2 W3
Bumped By
St. Edmund's I
Row Over Bumped
Selwyn II 
Over Bumped
M3 M4
 Bumped By Hughes Hall II Row Over Bumped By
Gonville and Caius III 
Row Over 

* Divisions start 2 hours earlier than stated on Day 4 (Saturday)

For information on where to watch the bumps from see here. Division times are here.
Follow the action on the radio at
Official results are available here; unofficial results may be available sooner here.
For a map, see here. Join the tow-path at the pink marker, and follow it to the North-East.
Grassy corner (the second big corner, the large right-hand bend) is a particularly popular spectator spot.