Day 2 M2 (race 2)

Bumped Caius III

Caius III had ruined our M3 race on Tuesday, and we were out to exact revenge. Again, we made sure we were on station in plenty of time, this time in beautiful sunshine. The plan, again, was simple - get a better start than the previous race, settle into a steady stride, and grind them down.

Day 2 M2 (race 1)

Rowed over

Day 1 W2

Race report to follow shortly!

Day 1 M2 (race 2)

Rowed Over

The W3 division had a massive pile-up at the top of the division, meaning the whole division had to be re-rowed. This caused us an hour delay, marshalling in the snow, as the sandwich boat. Also, as we marshalled about 500m away from the rest of the division, we were pushed off late and ended up not being on station for the 4-minute gone. We were eventually spun and at the bank with 2 minutes to go - not exactly ideal preparation!

Day 1 M2 (race 1)

Bumped Wolfson II

After some promising results this term, we wanted to show that it had not all been to waste by getting some bumping done. The row to the start showed the same rustiness had that plagued our final outing on Monday morning, and spirits were not high at the start - we knew we were capable, but needed to remember how to row first!

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